Christos voskresse

Christos Voskrese

Yes this blog is a lot of work ! yes another Tuesdays come upon us ! Yes I am not exactly sure what to write about! But am I glad I write this blog ? YES!!

The insight that I get from the other three blog posts about your lifes your thoughts your expectations your dreams and your things that you were proud of makes it totally worth it and therefore I want to also demonstrate mine.

This Easter weekend was a rather challenging one I have to working a long day on Friday it was the first time I was going to take Boots up to the farm show him all the kids and all the work. I was also agreed to spend Easter with him and his family for the first time yet to all day events with a guy I’ve known for a couple months.

I was beginning to wonder if I bit off more than I could chew.

We got there to them farm and Boots jumped right in and getting down and dirty. He also was good at engaging with the kids.

I also “showed him the ropes “ with the horses and he did pretty well.

We both attended special Seder meal too while we were up there. It was so wonderful to able to sit and celebrate the way Jesus did the night before he died.

They Played the song “Arise, My Love “ do you remember this song at our Easter pageant?

We got home late after helping put up chairs but it was so worth it.

On Easter morning I went for a walk. I went to a grave yard. It was very peaceful. It helped me imagine what the women must have felt when they saw not only someone walking in the grave site but some one they thought was DEAD.

I have sometimes wondered what would it be like at a cemetery when Jesus came back. I bet it would be really cool ! Would it rattle And shake like His tomb?

I went to Boots’ church and I also met a friend I did not expect to see we will call her Sunflower. She is a dear friend that I do not see often but when I do it is always a delight. It also brought to mind the joy the women experienced when seeing a dear friend they did not expect to see. How great their Joy must have been ?

It was weird going to another family’s house as being the token girlfriend didn’t know anybody. I talked to Princess earlier that morning and told her I was nervous and she gave me the best advice “ A, just be yourself. Once I kept that mentality I began having fun.

Family one reminded me a lot of grandma W house. It was small sweet they had a very fuzzy little dog. The artwork was amazing ( she is an painter ). I was able to help prepare The food. I think I need to think one of the best family bonding activities that you can have is cooking food together.

We had a small cozy lunch. Then we went to family number two.

Family number two reminded me of N’s family gathering. We had lawn chairs out bocce ball and way too much dessert 🙂 within the first five minutes Boots’s grandma came over to make sure that I was introduced to everybody. She was you typical grand my.

Boots and I lost and won around of Bocce ball so we held our own.

After everything good and I had a long drive home We talked I asked fun questions and you showed me tv series ( Community) that you guys have been telling me to watch for years.

it was enjoyable.

A good day to be alive …

I told myself on my last blog post I wasn’t going to write about my feelings and what I was currently experiencing in life right about something that means a lot to me like horses or nursing or just pick a random topic like K does and elaborate. But that can be next two weeks. For now I will rejoice in the fact that I am the most blessed person on the world that I get to live twice !

Love you all ! A

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